ZNET_SEQUENCER sound system installation (or live performance) based on network traffic, so it converts the network packets in sound. All the network activity generated by devices (phones, laptops, ..) connected to the system’s network is converted to a diferent sound(s) by a IP sequencer and synthesizer.


The core is a Puredata patch that generates different sound and graphics with an “ip sequencer and synthesizer”. Network traffic is captured by puredata pcap external, and each network traffic packet is analized. The ip sequencer generates a different bang for each network traffic  protocol (IP, TCP, UDP and ICMP), and the sound system has the assigned sound for them (sampler, drums, noises, etc...). The IP synthesizer generates diferents sound based on TCP and UDP packets properties (size, port, etc..)



So, the "music" (or noise) is generated by a sequencer and synthesizer based on IP network traffic, so as we surf the web, download a file, read email, etc a sound is generated and all traffic together compose a “song” in real-time. This functions can be all easily modified to adapt the patch to any need. The basic installation is a computer with znet_sequencer running and capturing network traffic from several clients so more than one visitor can generate together the sound (clients can be in the same place or to any place connected to the Internet).


Additionally, a graphic representation of network traffic is included to the installation or live performance (using GEM). The project has multiple possibilities, but basically with computer connected to the network, a sound system, and a video projector, the visitors can generate the sound by browsing the web, or generating ip traffic from the computer.


Video Example: 


·pcap external for PD 

·znet sequencer in PDCON11

·znet_sequencer in NMF2012

·Mobile Node + znet_sequencer in La Capella - Barcelona 





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